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There is «Lake of Youth» 3km away from our hotel. It is the largest ornamental water in Ukraine.

«Lake of Youth» is 140m in width, 750m in length and depth in some places — up to 8m. It has well-organized beach (with chaise longues, sunshades, changing rooms and outlets), the length of which is 2 km. In summer you can ride on water skis, catamarans, jet and others. Those interested can visit the diving school or fly on FlySurf. For the smallest tourists water slides and other entertainment are provided.

It should be noted that for the safety and comfort of our tourists, «Lake of Youth» is divided into area for swimming and for water attractions. Lifeguards and professional instructors work throughout the area.

The special feature of the lake is water – it is so clear that in fair weather in some places you can see the ground. In winter in Bukovel «Lake of Youth» performs a different function: water is taken from it to create snow.

VODA day & night club

At «Lake of Youth» lakeside is situated the unique VODA day & night club complex. There is an inflatable water park, a large swimming pool with sunbathing terrace, 4 jacuzzi and Roman steam bath, Finnish and Mediterranean sauna,a salt cave and a large gym with zones for boxing and yoga. In the evenings are held different shows, discos and parties with the famous stars of Ukrainian show business.

Prices for services and entertainment:

  • «Lake of Youth» entrance fee for adults is 20 UAH, for children — 10 UAH;
  • sunbeds rental prices range from 40 to 85 UAH (want to draw your attention to the fact that for those who rented a chaise lounge, entrance to the beach is free);
  • water skiing and jet skis: 3 minutes skiing — 200 UAH, 5 minutes — 300 UAH;
  • diving: diving school can attend from the age of 14. After training, the diving is to a depth of 8 m – the price is 400 USD;
  • FlySurf — exciting water attraction, which could combine the two elements — water and air. Introductory flight (5 minutes) will cost 390 USD, 10 minutes — 690 UAH, 20 minutes (two 10-minute sessions) — 1290 UAH.
«Lake of Youth» in Bukovel
Hotel complex Pidhiria - a lot of entertainment for every taste! You can swim in the pool and sunbathe, go to the sauna, have a snack in a pizzeria, play billiards, and go to a restaurant in the evening. All this is located on the territory of the hotel, so our guests receive all the privileges without leaving the territory.
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For especially active vacationers we can offer leisure activities outside the hotel. In winter, in addition to skiing and snowboarding, you can ride snowmobiles - you are definitely provided with a charge of drive. In summer you can do ecotourism, hiking, cycling or horseback riding, fishing, rafting, go on an excursion to the magnificent places of the Carpathians. Come to Undermountain at any time of the year.

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As a rule, Bukovel hotels have a developed infrastructure, provide vacationers with a wide range of services and entertainment for every taste. The hotel in Bukovel Pidhiria is no exception and offers many options for your leisure. It offers an outdoor pool with an equipped terrace where you can sit on sunbeds; you can go to a real sauna, located on the first floor of the complex; play billiards. And our pride is the presence of a salt room - an unusual place where you can improve your health. In terms of food, the complex has an excellent restaurant - in the mornings we will prepare breakfast for you, and the rest of the time you can enjoy dishes from the menu. Also on our territory there is a pizzeria with a large selection of drinks. Transfer to the hotel Podhiria in Polyanytsya

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